Мы производим товары народного потребления: тумбы под телевизор, компьютерные столы и многое другое. C производимыми нами товарами можно ознакомиться в этом каталоге в раздеме товары для дома в котором указаны цены и отзывы уже состоявшихся покупателей.
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Lepel Electromechanical Plant began operations in September 1976 as a branch of the Minsk gear plant. In 1998 the company was reorganized and received its present name - Republican unitary production subsidiary Lepel elekromehanichesky plant "(RDUP" LEMZ "). Its founders were the parent enterprise, which is the largest CIS producer of gears.

Currently, the main activities RDUP "LEMZ" are the machining of gears and the production of consumer goods.

gears, which are made on cooperation with the UE "Minsk Gear" (production forgings, heat treatment), supplied to the conveyor of the Minsk Tractor Plant, and used as spares.

Among consumer goods produced LEMZ:

  • environmentally friendly furniture products: beds, dining tables, chairs, benches, garden sets, made of pine;
  • folding chairs, bread bins, coasters flowers and telephones, household utensils - from birch.

    The company also produces products stores - mikrosushilku shoe "Mickey", spare parts for vacuum cleaners: carpet-sex nozzles, hoses, dust collectors, input and output filters of all modifications.

    The company offers consumers and potential partners and various forms of cooperation:

    • supply gears, serially produced by the plant, as well as spare parts for agricultural machinery, manufactured from drawings or samples of the customer;
    • development of new production at the plant area;
    • establishment of joint production.

    hope for mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation.

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